Jacqueline Podel
Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator,
Certified Dietitian-Nutritionst

          Total Nutrition
Hello and welcome to Jacqueline Podel, TOTAL NUTRITION.  My goal is to make quality and scientifically based nutritional and dietary counseling available to all. If this is your first time seeking this type of guidance, or your previous attempts have been unsuccessful, rest assured that I can help you work on developing new habits. I offer personalized service designed to make you feel comfortable and understood.

 Has a physician suggested that you consult a Dietitian/Nutritionist to help you manage your condition? Are you interested in improving your health?  Are you confused by all the conflicting information about what to eat? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Jacqueline Podel can help you.

Counseling  and Management  of Dietary Needs Available For:

Weight Control and Maintenance
Diabetes Type I and Type II
Metabolic Syndrome
Lipid Abnormalities
Kidney Disease
Food Allergies
Celiac Disease
Gastrointestinal  Conditions
Eating Disorders
Vegetarian Diets of all Types
Optimizing Wellness
Understanding Food Labels
Supplement Evaluation and Recommendations

Top physicians in the New York area frequently recommend Jacqueline Podel, RD to their patients.

"Jacqueline Podel was successful in changing my patients' dietary habits resulting in improvements in their health. She has proven ability to work with patients who have had difficulty with this in the past."
Vincent Yen, MD (Endocrinologist, St. Vincents Hosptial)

"I have worked with Jacqueline Podel for 20 years.  She takes the best care of the full spectrum of patients - from those who need general counseling to the sickest hospitalized patients, with individualized attention to detail for each person.  Her range of expertise is unparallelled."
Charles Carpati, MD
Critical Care Medicine

Patients have equally high praise:  "Jacqueline Podel is my nutritionist, therapist and friend. She cares for me in a complete, holistic and focused way."
C. Arth, Patient

"Jacqueline Podel's insight, encouragement, commitment, and great sense of humor are just a few of the benefits of working with her. She is in your corner and never lets your confidence waiver, because neither does hers. That kind of quality and concern is unparalled in her profession."
J. Revenson, Patient